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Deciphering all the ins and outs of website hosting processes and providers can be a challenge…


Especially if it’s something you’ve never had to do before. There’s a lot of information out there, sometimes conflicting, and it takes time and patience to weed through all of it. Website Hosting Guides wants to make the entire learning and research process easier and more straightforward. We’re your one-stop-shop when you have questions about hosting company features, benefits, and much more. If you need information on website hosting guides, hosting provider reviews, or hosting tutorials, we’re here to help you out.

On our Website Hosting Tutorial page, you’ll find a good overview of all the necessary elements involved with hosting. It covers the types of hosting available, factors you should take into account when choosing a web host, as well as important terms you should know. In addition, we regularly update our video tutorial library. These quick, but informative, videos provide step-by-step instructions on topics like working with domain names from other hosting providers, working with WordPress, and much more.

Here, you can also compare hosting plans

Instead of going to several different websites, we’ve put together a page that includes all the need-to-know information about some of the most popular hosting providers. Want to know what features are included a basic shared hosting plan form GoDaddy and opposed to one from BlueHost? We’ve got you covered. 

You’ll also find some great information on hosting provider reviews. Our reviews are unbiased and candid. It’s important that you can get an honest look at providers’ pros and cons. This helps you to make an educated decision and find the services and/or plans that will best meet your needs.

At Website Hosting Guides, our goal is to take the mystery out of some of the challenges that exist in the webmaster world.


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